Just Released New CBD Fragrances


Smarty Pants  Strong almond notes with hints of cherry, which mellows to an apricot smoothness with bottom notes of vanilla and orchid.

Law & Odor  the smell of fresh linens can bring back so many memories but most of all, this fragrance smells fantastically clean and fresh for the smell good lovers out there

Confession  refreshing and yet a subtle relaxing scent that we all love. It starts off with clean, crisp notes and flutter happily into a soft lavender, so very fresh smelling

Daughter of Fire is warming notes of incense, amber, Madagascar vanilla and patchouli and lightened up with layers of romantic notes such as rose, jasmine and lilac. This sensual, deep blend is topped off with the colorful, light touches of blood orange and grapefruit

Rain Monkey This scent is a mix of wood and smoke with the feeling of being in an old barn or cabin filled with antique mirrors, rugs, china and framed pictures of family members you've never met.  Makes you want to curl up on your bear skin rug (faux, of course) in your bare skin.

Ciao Bella An ultra feminine fragrance which is luxurious and made for the confident, independent woman. Opening notes are marked with a fruity blend of bright red pomegranate, peach and tree ripened-apples. The main notes are an entwined swirl of flowers of peony, osmanthus and night-blooming marigold, while the base has notes of rum, sticky vanilla, a light musk, marshmallow and woody oak.

Oy Vegas  Sugar, sugar, sugar! An Aquolina Type Pink Sugar begins with sugary notes of cotton candy, berries and orange which fade to reveal sensual notes of lily of the valley and fig leaves. The scent finishes with soft notes of vanilla, amber and musk.

Ms. Rice Thinks Twice a classic Thai dish, but ours is more a combination of pan-toasted basmati rice, with a dusting of brown sugar, simmered in coconut cream... almost like a sweet coconut rice pudding.  A heavenly pudding-sticky-rice-joy in a bowl. 

Cauldron contains rich earthy notes with a dark amber and exotic guiacwood for a spellbinding fragrance. Top notes of cinnamon and sugar, bottom notes of patchouli

Fireball This fragrance reminds you of those big round cinnamon candies you would roll around from cheek to cheek. Very strong cinnamon bark blend with warm wood and sweet amber to create the ultimate spice scent.

Mellow Like Marley Light, relaxing lavender, chamomile fragrance to soothe and calm you when you just want to relax.


Fragrance List


Peppermint Sparkling clean and refreshing fragrance is a classic blend of peppermint with light nuances of warm vanilla.

Fresh Brewed Coffee Classic aroma of strong black fresh brewed Arabica coffee beans with a base note of vanilla in them.

Lavender Clean, fresh and calming like walking through a field of lavender.

Caramel Tobacco (Male Scent) Warm notes of oak and patchouli, create dimension for the blend as a base of sweet sugary caramel balances the earthy tones of tobacco leaf, lavender and wood with bottom notes of caramelized vanilla and musk.

Green Tea Cucumber Perfect blend of green tea as the high note, underscored with fresh cucumber creating a very fresh, clean fragrance.

Grapefruit This seductively tangy fragrance blends fresh pink grapefruit with sweet valencia orange, mouth-watering clementine and soft florals.

Coconut Orchid A clean and soft floral bouquet of water orchid, fresh bergamot, sparkling lemon, sweet orange, pink jasmine, blooming narcaisse and soft musk. 

Urban Cowboy (Male Scent) Grapefruit and bergamot lend to this masculine fragrance with notes of amber, patchouli, oakmoss and sandalwood.

Red, Red Roses The classic fragrance of a garden of red roses from this artistically designed floral bouquet.

Fresh Lemon Fresh lemons mixed with romantic bergamot and succulent orange under tone.

Saturday Morning Froot Loops Smelling this fragrance will trigger a thousand childhood memories of Saturday morning cartoons and a bowl of Froot Loops. Sweet orange, tangy cherry and sweet vanilla bean with sandalwood create this nostalgic cereal scent.

Very Vanilla Warm rich, buttery vanilla with a slight touch of cream.

Crazy Coconuts Rich, creamy coconut blended with tropical notes for the ultimate beach lotion scent. 

Sweet Orange Tropical blend of citrus and pineapple with hints of sugar.

Black Raspberry Vanilla A fruity berry with top notes of peach, coconut, wild berry, bergamot and strawberry. Middle notes of jasmine, rose and violet. Base notes of powdery raspberry, sugar and white musk.

Lemongrass Scent of fresh cut lemongrass combined with citrus oils and juicy fresh accords.

Eucalyptus Fresh picked eucalyptus leaves with hints of lime.

Crazy Caramel Corn delicious buttery popcorn and salt with a coating of vanilla, caramel and brown sugar.

Birthday Cake Celebrate with this blend of rich, creamy vanilla and a scrumptious cake accord

Fresh Birch and Juniper (Male Scent) Notes on a cool breeze of crisp winter air and blue juniper brush past a snowy field of frosted silver birch.

Hedonic Tonic (Male Scent) This fragrance is sure to get your pheromones flowing with hints of safe and light subtle minty undertones, this energizing potion is decidedly decadent. 

Cucumber Melon This scent is more melon than cucumber and smells pink and fresh. Fantastic scent for spring & summer.

Island Nectar Leave your worries behind with this tropical blend of passionfruit, blooming jasmine, sugared citrus and exotic florals.

Lavender Vanilla Peaceful and serene. A soothing combination of Spanish lavender and warm Madagascar vanilla.

Sexy Beast Bursting with florals, mimosa, rose, jasmine, gardenia, lilies, ylang ylang, neroli and honey suckle. Simply floral fresh.

Warm Cookies Tantalize your senses with the aroma of warm baked cookies fresh from the oven with creamy notes of vanilla and a light sprinkle of sugar.

Spanish Fly (Male Scent) Seductive at first sniff. Rich complex scent of light musk (a little bit) and citruses of fresh sweet orange, lemon balm and kaffir lime leaves with earthy undertones.

Olde Barber Shoppe (Male Scent) Vibrant Bergamot and fresh basil leaf are complemented by earthy notes of Oakmoss and white patchouli.

 Pink Berry Mimosa A playful combination of sweet strawberries, ripe raspberries, citrus peel and sparkling pink Moscato.